Bert discussing the health implications of the food trucks

Bert addressing the City Council on the matter of the food trucks as it relates to kids. Unfortunately many of these trucks not only sell unhealthy food, but the cater to kids outside of schools.

Bert grilling City Council on their city manager hiring process

At the April 23rd meeting, Bert grilled the council on their lack of initiative in properly executing a complete, concise, and extensive hiring process for the next city manager.

Bert discussing HUD levee issue at May 7th City Council meeting

Bert discussing the levee issue as it pertains to HUD requirements.


Bert on Greening Oxnard's city vehicles

Bert's campaign is not only about performance; Bert brings a number of new ideas to the table. At the April 23rd City Council meeting Bert proposed that the city replace its fleet with vehicles that use alternative energy.

Bert Speaking at the El Rio School Board Meeting


Cafe on A

Bert talking about his experience in local government....the Inter-Neighborhood Council system. Bert is a long time participant of local government at its most basic forum; the neighborhoods.

Bert speaking at Cafe on A

Bert speaking at the Democratic Club, which meets at Cafe on A in Oxnard.

Bert Addressing the Oxnard Chamber of Commerce

Check out Bert's speaking about his expectations for a city manager at the Oxnard Chamber of Commerce's City Council Candidate's Breakfast Forum. 

Bert Urges Oxnard City Council to help combat Oxnard youth unemployment

On the 19th, Bert spoke in front of the Oxnard City Council urging council members to lend their support to a grant designed to bolster youth employment.

Bert at 2012 Candidates Forum


Bert speaking at last year's Oxnard City Council Candidate's Forum.