First and foremost, Bert why are you running for Oxnard City Council?


Oxnard is my home. I grew-up here and have lived in the area for 50+ years. During the last fifteen years, I’ve seen too many decisions made by City government that I firmly believe have not been in the best interests of the hard-working, taxpaying citizens of Oxnard.

Oxnard needs a major change in vision, direction and results. As a working-class, blue-collar, union member I fully understand the connection between performing and keeping your job. All through my life, I’ve strived to provide an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. As an Oxnard City Councilman, I will do no less, and I will expect all of you to hold me to that standard. 

What experience do you have in community leadership positions?


Since 1999, I have a demonstrated record of effectively representing the interests of Oxnard’s neighborhood by serving as Chair of the South Bank Neighborhood Council, and as Chair of the City-wide Inter-Neighborhood Council Forum. Neighborhood Issues which I championed during this period included:

  •  South Bank Neighborhood Air Quality Committee which was instrumental in protecting the health, safety and welfare of the community by stopping the Ventura Regional Sanitation District from illegally pumping industrial waste into the sewer-lines under the neighborhood, which caused evacuation of homes in June of 2000
  • Led the fight to keep the Oxnard Neighborhood Council system from being shut-down by ill-conceived actions of the City Manager’s office
  •  Served as President of the Flood Zone Justice Association and led the fight against FEMA’s ill-considered and technically unsound flood plain mapping decisions saving thousands of dollars of property values and premature insurance payments. 

What sets you apart from other candidates?


My fifteen years of service and results-oriented performance in the Neighborhood Council system is unsurpassed by any other candidate running for City Council. Every neighborhood is unique, and every neighborhood issue is important. I want to ensure that the citizens of Oxnard once again feel at home in the Council Chambers. 

What do you propose to do if elected?


If elected, I promise to work towards the following:

  • Elevating Neighborhood First public policy decision making as the TOP-PRIORITY of the City Council
  • Restore ethical practices, citizen trust, and full-transparency to the City Council decision-making process
  • Require City Staff to be held ACCOUNTABLE to the public for their attitudes, answers, and actions
  • Rollback outrageous Senior Executive Management salaries, perks, and benefits
  • Select a competent, experience, and trustworthy professional as City Manager
  • Ensure that the City lives within its funding means- this means an honest, open, and transparent balanced budget with no fiscal gimmicks like: phantom "loans" from special funds, expensive General Fund bailouts, and dangerous depletion of City reserves to cover avoidable shortfalls
  • Ensure that Measure 'O' tax dollars are spent on upgrading our streets, sidewalks, alleys, and parks, and not used to subsidize expensive, non-performing city programs.
  • Establish an INDEPENDENT "Blue-Ribbon" Citizens Oversight Committee of retired, public and private sector finance professionals tasked with UNMASKING the true state of the City's finances and recommending the TOUGHEST internal financial controls needed to manage scarce taxpayer dollars effectively