Ventura County Star- Letter to the Editor: Perello for Council

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I am voting for Bert Perello for Oxnard City Council. I have known Bert for more than 10 years and am familiar with the work he has done and continues to do to make our city better.

He has had problems getting information from city staff and persevered. He is extremely familiar with the way things are run in the city and knows how important it is that we need change. He is honest and ethical and will bring those traits to the council.

The questions he asks are based on research he has done, and I know that he’s always working on that. Bert knows more about how the city operates than anyone else who is running.

He is the best candidate for the job because of the years he has been to council meetings asking relevant questions, and the citizens of Oxnard need him because he will continue to work for us.

That’s why I am voting for Bert Perello and I am asking everyone who cares about Oxnard to join me and vote for him, too.

- Lydia Eagle-Kaplan,



Ventura County Star- Oxnard special election profiles: Bert Perello


Bert Perello, a longtime fixture at Oxnard City Council meetings, says people have been telling him to smile more.

But the mail carrier, one of 13 candidates running for an open council seat in the
June 4 special election, shrugs off the advice.

“I don’t see what there is to smile about,” said Perello, 62, who regularly chides the
city’s elected officials for asking too few questions on the dais.
June’s winner will fill the vacancy, through late 2014, created when Tim Flynn won
the mayor’s post in November.

Perello, born in Santa Barbara, moved to Ventura County as a child and grew up on
his family’s lemon ranch in the El Rio area. He got involved in municipal affairs in the
1990s at the urging of his wife, Susan, now deceased.

Perello is president of the Flood Zone Justice Association, a group he helped form
that advocates for local neighborhoods on federal flood-mapping issues. He first ran
for council in November.

Endorsements include the Tri-Counties Central Labor Council, former Oxnard Mayor
Jane Tolmach and Al Duff Sr., an Oxnard School District trustee.

Q: If you could ask one question of a city manager candidate, what would it be?

A: “How does she or he prioritize the needs of the city?”

Q: Describe a recent council decision you disagreed with and why.

A: “The city should never have agreed to increase the amount of indebtedness
through the redevelopment agency,” he said, especially with a deadline involved. “The
redevelopment debt, I believe, tripled within a matter of months, and they agreed to
accept all the debt, assuming that they were going to prevail in court and this (the
state’s elimination of redevelopment) would not go forward. Now they’re in a spot
they’ve created of their own mess.”

Q: If the SouthShore project (a 1,545-unit residential development on Hueneme
Road) comes back to the council essentially the same as before, how would you vote
and why?

A: If “there is no additional information on what the Navy’s criteria is for closing a
base, putting at risk 18,000 civil service jobs, I would have to vote no,” he said. “I
believe the increased number of homes and increased proximity of those homes to
the jets and the flyways,” with the potential for noise complaints, could lead the Navy
to “move it up in the list of bases to close.”

Q: Why are you running?

A: “(In) my involvement as a member of the public attending City Council meetings, I
see things that bother me. I believe very little has changed with the new members
coming on board,” he said. “There are serious issues facing the city that are not
being addressed. I believe I would bring to the table the ability to question.”
Perello also said he wants to be in a position to act. “When you’re on the public side
of the podium, all you can input is three minutes,” he said. “It way too often falls on
deaf ears.”

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What's happening in an increasing number of Ventura County cities highlights the need for council members who ask tough questions and demand HONESTY, VALUE, and PERFORMANCE from city staff. Bert Perello WILL BE that councilman in the City of Oxnard!

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